large breed dog slobber drool bibs

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Dog Slobber bibs

Toweling dog slobber,drool,dribble bibs help to keep the chest area of large breed dogs clean and dry and can also look great with a personalised embroidered name or text on front.
Ideal for those large breed dogs such as Newfoundlands,Newfies,Bernese,Landseer,Saint Bernard,Great Dane,Pyrenees,Dog De Bordeaux etc that love to dribble and slobber. These toweling  bibs are made with embroidered toweling front and toweling backs fully bound around sides with elasticated necks to make it easy to put on and remove from your dogs neck.

These bibs are hand made and available in a great choice of  colors. Bibs are available with stock  text and images or can be personalised with  your choice of text or dogs name etc. There is also a large choice of cotton color to make your bib stand out and be noticed.
These can also be made for special occasions such as "Birthdays", "Halloween", "Xmas" etc.  A great fun and practical accessory  for your dog that not only looks good but helps prevent slobber and dribble from soaking into the chest area. Suitable for all large breed dogs in a variety of styles.

Newfoundland - Burnese - Saint Bernard - Great Dane - Dog de Bordeaux - Mastif - Pyrenean - Mountain dogs

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