lateral thigh trainer

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I purchased a lateral thigh trainer which at first i thought was great..

The feeling didnt last very long,approx five weeks before it broke..

It was due to a part breaking,on closer examination it seems the lateral thigh trainer has a design fault.The machine works on a resistance disc system instead of hydraulics.It has a chain which connects the resistance system via two rods which link it to the pedals.The problem is the rod is hooked through a hole at the base of the pedal which has a small amount of grease applied,after a bit of use the rod wears through due to the side to side motion of the pedal,at which point after more use it wears all the way through and snaps..there arnt any replacement parts available tp repair it.I even tried applying grease before each use but the rod still wore through due to the metal to metal contact.

I received a replacement for my broken unit and after a couple of sessions on the new one i realised the new unit was wearing in just the same way as the other..

hope this helps anyone considering buying a lateral thigh trainer..

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