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I was very please with my lay-z-spa but the heater/pump has gone wrong (as it seems, have loads of others) due to water getting under the control pane. I reported this about 6 weeks ago and was told they are awaiting pumps from China and they should be here soon, that was 6 weeks ago and still no sign of the replacements.

My advice is to WAIT to buy one of these until they have rectified this design fault or you will be frustrated and waiting for a replacement pump like me. It only worked for about 3 months and has not bee NOT working for getting on for two months! The customer service is not what it should be. I was not offered a refund and I was made to feel this design fault was my fault for leaving it outside (which is where all of the advert pictures show the spa!!!).

Really not happy with this wait and unreliability of the produce. If it hadn't gone wrong I would be very impressed with the produce and would thoroughly recommend it.

I will update if/when the new pump arrives.

New pump arrived (eventually!) and tub is still working well 9 months on. I highly recomment these tubs as an affordable alternative to a regular hot tub. I've had some GREAT times in it! My advice - go for it! They're so much fun!

Had this lazy-z-spa over a year now.  The wall has swelled on one side now (not sure why) and the lid doesn't sit too well now BUT if it shut down tomorrow I would go out and but another one.  It's so much cheaper than the normal types of hot tubs and more comfortable, inflateable over fibreglass.  Love it and recomend it!  Get one and have LOADS of fun in it!  :-)

Feb 2010 UPDATE: had that one about two years and it was running for practically all that time.  Very happy with it.  Due to some very rough horseplay (say no more...) I managed to puncture it.  I ordered a new liner only but when it came it was punctured, they exchanged it and the other one was punctured too (in a different cell). So I got a full refund, they (Bestway) were ok about it all, no problem. 

I have now bought the new preimum version (zip lid, leatherette feel outer and slightly lighter blue in colour than the old one).  Have to wait to ge the patio laid before I set it up but that will be soon.  Will update as soon as it's up and running :-)

My advice is still  GO FOR IT!  They're TOO much fun.


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