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the best advice i can give you for this product is...AVOID THE PRODUCT. i purchased this spa from a very reputable store in june 06. we set the spa up and the pump worked perfectly for 2 weeks, the next pump worked for 4 weeks. the next pump also worked for 4 weeks. the pump we now have is only a week old (so keeping fingers crossed) all the pumps have developed different faults. one leaked, one stopped heating, one stopped working altogether. bestway are always happy to replace them but you can be waiting up to 2 months. since buying the spa, we have only had 3-4 months use out of it, the rest of the time has been waiting for replacements. bestway will not offer any kind of refund and if you ask for one, you are told they do not give refunds at all. these spa's were new to the uk last year and have a lot of teething problems. when they do work, they are great, but if you are determined to purchase one then i would advise you to wait until later in the year, or even next year and then maybe bestway will have sorted out any design faults in the pump. if you have purchased one new this year, then as soon as the pump develops a fault, take the product back to where it was bought and get a refund
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