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I bought my Lay-Z-Spa in July 2007 from, they delivered the next day and couldn't be faulted.

Setting up is easy, just position the pump unit beside the spa, connect the inflator hose and within 5 minutes its ready!

Filling it takes between 1-2 hours from your garden hose, depending on your water pressure.

The heater is quick, I set the temperature to 40c and the next morning it was hot enough for use, I have used "proper" spas before and the Lazy-z-Spa is almost as good. The only drawback being that there are no water jets only air jets.

The jets are laid out in a horseshoe shape inside the tub, and provide bubbles to approx 75% of the spa, so if you get sick of all the turbulence in the water you can sit in this part of the spa (its also where the hot water comes in!)

I have used the Spa daily and have had no problems with it other than it seems to lose some of its shape after a few days, (the manual says this is normal), it is easily sorted by inflating the side sections a little bit. As the pump unit is still attatched to the Spa you can not use it to inflate, however I use an electric pump originally bought for inflating airbeds, it comes with several attatchments and one is the perfect size for the SID valves. The bottom seat cushion is a bit trickier, because of the water pressure (240 gallons worth) it can't be inflated from above, the only way I have found to top it up is take a deep breath and use your mouth, keeping a finger over the valve when you surface for air!

As I use the Spa every day it has to be treated with chemicals, I found the hard chlorine tablets (for use with the chemical floater supplied) cumbersome and hard to dissolve, so I bought chlorine granules which are much better.

I also bought some Anti Foamer, as sometimes body oils and shampoo residuals can cause the water to form a huge "island" of foam in the tub, this clears the problem straight away and only costs about £7

Non Chlorine anti shock is also a good idea to keep the water fresh and clear of bugs, testing strips can tell you the correct ph of the water and whether to top up with chlorine. These are available on ebay or from a Spa dealer.

I have spent about £40 on the chemicals but they only come in one size, large so I guess they will last a year or so.

The Spa is used daily by my family and other kids in the neighbourhood! and has been a great buy for for less than £300, well reccommended!

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