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In September 2007 we purchased a Spa.  Worked fantastic for 8 weeks, then heater tripped all electrics in house.  I contacted Bestway who asked me to send part of lid and model number and they would replace heater, as fault had never been heard of before.  This we did and a few days later we received new heater.

.. then day after it arrived i received a call from lady called Carole to say that the heater they sent was new improved model....GREAT i thought until she stated that when massage bubbles were turned on, the heater would stop.....NOT SO GOOD, but she reassured me that this would not make a difference......OH BOY is she WRONG...we have waited until feb 2008 to set up spa as weather been bad....and tub is under a double skinned gazebo and has no draughts......we waited for water to heat but wouldnt, and upon close inspection, the new heater what was sent did not have a seal in lid where filter goes in.......luckily i butchered old unit for parts before disposing of it......When we finally got it up and running we jumped in when was hot and turned massage bubbles on and in less than 5 minutes of having the massage bubbles on the water dropped to 32 degrees......even had goosebumps on legs under the water.....

I contacted Carole to state she was very wrong and said i was very no longer a hot spa, but glorified heated pool, as you cannot use bubbled unless you want to freeze..........she stated that there was nothing they could do........

The new heater model is certainly not worse than other may work but you cannot relax in hot massage bubbles as states you can in all end up in cold bubble spa  .......NOT NICE

I have contacted Trading Standards to see if there is anything we can do as certainly spa does not do what it states it does any longer.....

My advice to people looking to buy one is.....DONT BOTHER........wish we will have nothing but problems



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