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just thought id let a those whos children are lazytown mad know that some of the sellers on here are ripping you off!

my 4 yr old son is lazytown mad and like any mother of more than 1 child im always on the look out 4 a bargain or 2 especially here on ebay!

i often just type in the word lazy town on ebay and see whats new etc.

what a shock i got,pootr innocent people being ripped off

 i saw a lazytown toothbrush and beaker set being sold for £9.00 when i had just saw the exact same thing in a "home bargains" shop 4 £1.49,wat a rip off !

also a long sleeved sportacus top for boys bidded up 2 £25 when marks and spencers has the same top for £8

aslo sportacus pyjamas with a buy it now price of £13 when asda are selling the same for £8.00

also the sportacus baseball bat and ball starting bids at £4 when infact u can buy this in toys r us for £3

finally there is a new sportacus sports wrist watch being sold some bids starting at £12 when u can buy this at boots for £7.99 this is also included in the 3 for 2 green sticker offer at boots so infact if you buy 2 things at a higher price than £7.99 u would get the watch FREE

now with these prices plus the delivery price ur best of popping into town to see wat u could actually buy for the combined price of the item and postage!

so dont be had when looking for lazytown toys here on ebey they are cheaper elsewhere

at this time of year we all need as many bargains we can get 4 xmas so dont let these people make a fool out of you!




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