lazytown ripoffs

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This goes out to all the buyers like me who have a child who wants everything lazytown. while I believe sellers can sell whatever they like within reason I think its very unfair that they have to dramaticly raise the price of things designed for children just now I saw the new trainers on ebay I have already brought these in woolworths costing just £10, I got to try them first and no postage to worry about. I understand sellers wanting to make a profit but when they raise it by so much all they are really doing is making ebay look bad. I have managed to find everything lazytown in my local stores and it always seems the price is nearly doubled on ebay. So please check your local stores first for lazytown as you will save a lot of money.Im not having a go at sellers about this but you have to consider the things you have just brought in store to try and make a profit on ebay isnt your item to make a profit from, at the end of the day your just making buyers pay extra because you found it first. I hope I haven't offended anyone.Thankyou for reading. 
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