lazytown toys are coming to the UK

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so you got kids and those kids are mad about that weird and crazy lazytown program, and as the adverts are running advertising the toys which are unavailible anywhere except by paying 10-15 pounds over the odds at ebay, well nil desperandum folks , i have rung fisher price who reliably tell me that there is shedloads of lazytown toys on that huge container ship which has docked this week in the uk and that argos, amazon ,woolies etc will all be fully stocked with stylin stephanie and all the other lazy town toys by the 1st of december so if i was you i would like mewait and pay £17.99 instead of £30 odd for the toys,,, same thing happens every year and there is always a way ( as stephanie would say) and it would be a pain in the butt to go out a week before xmas and see them on the shelves at the MRRP
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