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Hi i'm Michael (D S A approved driving instructor)

Guides for Learner Drivers, hope this helps.

First of all, when selecting a driving instructor ask some one you know who has taken lessons, and ask for their feedback on their lessons. make sure the instructor is qualified and always displays his A D I badge, a red one means he is a trainee driving instructor and not yet passed the final quilifying exam for the ability to teach, however don't let this put you off there are some very good trainees, however would you like to pay full price for those lessons? ask for discount. the other is a green badge (fully qualified). Make sure it is in date and it is the person on the photo given the lesson. ASK what grade is the instructor we are graded 1 to 6 grade 4 is acceptable 5 is very good and 6 is highest mark an instructor can be graded.

All driving instructors should start the lesson with question and answer, what did you do on your last lesson or if its the first find out your passed history of driving to find a bench mark to were to start the lesson. (recap). and at the end of the lesson, again recap on what you set out to do and wether or not you achived that, and also tell you what you are going to do on your next lesson so you can look forward to it or do some practice or study so you are prepaired.

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