lexus car ls 400 1998

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well i would like to have my say, i have been on ebay for 4 years ,i am 68 going on 69 and i loved it years ago with out all the petty rules ie ,i have now got a below standard ! yet i gave e/bay last moth £100.00 ! do i ever get a thank you no ah well i digress have a look at my feed back i have never had one unhappy customer.......................................................................i have also bought 100s of items off e/bay and never had a problem , ihave bought cars and never had a problem , i have travelled to london on the train and picked up a car and drove it 269 miles and no problem ebay has not at the moment got a good name but i have had no problems . my latest buy was a 1998 lexus ls 400 with 216789 miles on the clock i bid for it and won it, its the best car i have ever had ,and i got offered £3k for it last week if he had made it £4k i would have sold it and bought a 2000 model they are a much better car than any bmw /rolls/merc ect so i rate e/bay sellers 100% cheers baz rockinbaz.2008



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