lifan samurai lf125/30

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ok where to start, this is my first review , so ill give as much info as i can about the bike. here goes
so my first bike was a yamaha earox 100cc 2stroke engine. i owned it for 4years, and i would spend 3days on the road a week, after the three days i would be rebilding the engine costing me speed was round 70-75mph, fully kitted.12,000rpm max.  any way 4years later i finally give up my bride and joy , to find a 4STROKE bike on gumtree it was a lifan samurai lf125/30 08plate very clean chines bike. iv already read the reviews on how shit chinese bikes are, but i was desprate to get back on the road again.  so my gf drove me 100miles in her car to go get the bike , it was up for sale for 500 pound, only thing i was intrested in was the fact it was 4stroke engine ,so it was gonna be more reiable then a 2stroke, and that it was mannal so i could have the revs down low , unlike a 2stroke at 12,000rpms never last long! so yh i bought the bike very happy with the scale of the bike, much bigger then a honda cbr125 lol. any way, so im 100miles from home ,i have to drive the bike back! wot can go wrong? well suprisingly nothing went wrong, only thing i was annoyed about was that it was a 5speed gearbox and the bike wanted another gear to go into witch it does not have.''6th gear''  , any way other than that it was the best bike iv ridden so far. i bought the bike about 7months ago from 10/2011. and had few minor problems . ok first problem was exhuast stud broke, but i put a jubilie clip around the exhuast and put gasket sealent on and have had no probs since, 2nd problem, drive chain fell off wilst going round a bend, luckly i was , it took 5mins to re-adjust the chain. 3rd prob, the front wheel bearings failed completely, but that was my fualt for ingnoring it for so long. thats all problems iv had, the engine is bullet proof! but every thing else falls to bits. road tyres are to skinny but with a new 70pound tyres on and amazing grip with good control of the bike. iv chaged the 15tooth front sproket for a 17tooth, takes longer to change gear! ''taller gearing'' witch is good. but 5th gear is rubish , but then it is only a 125cc max rpm iv had is 7n half ,000rpm doing 75mph. but with the 17tooth gear u can idle at 4000rpms doing 37mph , 50mph at 5000rpm, and the rest i dont no. considering this is a 4stroke heavy weight bike of 155kg with oil and water, its still quick accelaration for such a weight. there is no 0-60mph time due to its a 125cc ''over 10secs lol'' lacks gear ratio. too small.  headlights are fantastic compared to a moped , i can see ahead on country roads at 50+mph.. i have no issues wot so ever with the engine and i do race it hard some times.i have been on the motorway by misstake once shit myself but by the time i got to the slip road onto the motorway i was already doing 75mph, no one was over taking me,i was matching their speed. and i thought the engine would seize , i had 8miles to the next exit. the bike suvived,   if i brake hard, due to the crap brakes the back end does NOT lift. and the front wheel locks up and skidds along , but does no brake out, stays upright all the time. o yh the back drum brake, do NOT slam on the rear brakes in an emergencie!!! the drum housing will snap, costing 70 quid for a new unit, and lifan has stoped making parts for this bike, as ur'll see in most bike pics on the web the 2 front side pannal are missing, why? because they cost 100pounds each! now 130pounds 2011.  only reason the paanals r up for sale now is becuase i keept ringing for new pannals, and they do not have a thermostate , see most importent parts are not in stock, nor made. parts are so exspenssive, the radiator fan does not work ever! iv had to hard wire a mannal fan switch , due to the thermostat not triggering it off. so this is my verdict, if u want top end speed , then a 2stroke it is, if u like engine rebuilds, if u want reliability this is the bike for u. u can only have one or the other, unless u buy a big boys bike, ''600cc'' only mataince needed for this bike is oil changes, every say 100miles. ''wen oil goes black''. anti-freeze , fill it and forget it. running costs? oil 11pound halfords, insurance 160pound a year, petrol?? iv recorded 120ish miles on 5pound fuel 1.33l  it has a 7litre tank with a petrol tap witch has a reserve tank and off mode.  next is the biggest issue iv had with this bike, so im english i live in the uk , now iv had minor problems with the bike, witch iv fixed myself, the bike is all good as far as safety goes, how ever! MOT , it will fail! reasons? uk is shit lol its so strict here. it did pass mot thats all im gonna say. the tester gave my the advisories and majors paperwork. wot did it fail on? well everything. why? fuck no's. frame failed, centre stand failed, exhuast failed, headlights failed, wheels failed, tyres were fine :) lol, back suspension failed, he said not to ride it, to this day i see nothing wrong with it,  this wot i think, wen people on these fouroms says its junk metal its cheap and desposiable, wot they mean by that i guess they mean itll fail mot. evean tho there s nothing wrong. onistlly i have no idea why it fail, i fix cars for living, im a mechanic. but i do not no why it failed. i still ride it with no problems at all. overall the bike is no diffrent then the fact its not made by honda or well known name, built by chinses ,who for once build a great bike. anything should go wrong is a simple fix. and i would say ill happly buy another 1, but as everyone says I WANT MORE POWER!
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