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Hiya I bought a pandora bracelet here on e-bay but paid good money and yes its turned out to be the 'real thing', then browsing e-bay I came across the sweetie bracelet,I now wanted one, I'm not well, so I sleep odd hours, I have spent hours bidding, upping the anti but having a cut off price in my head. I then came across these Guides which I believe should be more evident on the search page, read a few of peoples fake buys and set about trying to find stockists of L o L to buy a genuine authentic sweetie.

I don't believe I am able to name the site but if you tap in 'links of london sweetie' All Catagories, please have a look at one of the sponsered links below the listed items. Bracelets (sweetie) are for sell for £27, the first page was full of charms priced at £10, I thought great a sale......Its no sale!

The site sells lots of Upper Class named items, look for yourselves guys.

I live in a small market town and I'm lucky enough to have a gold/silversmiths where a handful of young 'smiths' design and toil all day  turning out some of the most fantastic pieces you can imagine, one being a fabulous handmade similar link bracelet, ok its not THE L o L but its heavy, hallmarked, hand made, it won't tarnish, I was able to handle it, try it on, the stretchy stuff that holds all the links together is very strong and tough, as I have heard that the counterfeight are held together with a material not quite so durable, it ends up stretching and becomes baggy if it doesnt snap first.

I just felt I had to write these few paragraphs as others have done before me, taking up a few mins of their time in saving me lots of heartache and grief if I was to end up buying one of these fakes. (none of us have money to pay the prices asked for fakes)

E-bay is run entirely on trust, there will always be the odd few to ruin it for us over concientious e-bayers which is such a shame, but thats life!

I am sure some bracelets could be genuine, I have seen a couple of them photographed along with reciepts of purchase.

I am so glad they have these guides, but as I said at the begining they need to be more evident because before I had a read them I was bidding willy nilly desperate for a sweetie!

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