listing designer clothes

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listing designer clothes

If  you know the original model name of the item you are selling, try google images for some stock photos, they always do it more justice
Check the labels and there may be an item number which you can google with the brand name. If the stock photos don't meet ebay requirements, you can enlarge them using 'FotoFlexer. You will still need at least one photo of the actual item

Search for the item in ebay, at the left side you will see completed items and sold items. Try the "sold" to gauge prices for similar items. Add on a couple of pounds to the best price you see.   
You will know what you paid for stuff, ask for more than half that amount. If you are using auction, start high. You can always lower the price and relist if it doesn't sell.
"Buy it now" usually gets a better price but can take a wee bit longer to sell.

I use myhermes for posting stuff. £2.98 for up to 1kg. Wrap it up print the label and leave it in your porch for the guy to collect. It's tracked and if someone says they didn't receive it, you just provide the tracking number and ebay will find in your favour
you can add the postage on to the price and offer free postage or charge about £3. Technically, it costs you about £3.45 including paypal and ebay fees

Ebay will charge 10% on final price, including postage, paypal will take a further 5%   
Everyone gets to list 20 items per month free

I am writing this guide as part of a BZZ campaign as part of a promotion for the brand
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