lithuania scam

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listen up, don't be caught in a scam on ebay, it's very easy, i advertised a Nokia N91 on ebay and was getting alot of interest, then 1 day an ebay member from America (carlblet) asked me a question, this is the exact words, hi i am interested in you nokia, so i'd like to know if it still has the protective plastic cover on it's display? and has it been tested? i mean does it work properly, without any problems? cheers.

so i emailed back through ebay and it turns out every time he was replying, he was copy and pasting the original email that he used, so i didn't realise he was not useing ebay, (ask seller a question). any way, he offered me £350 for the phone, so i ended my listing as i thought was a genuine buyer from America, only later did i realise he was not. i sent the phone to an address in lithuania as requested then emailed him the tracking number, less than 20 mins later, paypal sent me an email stating that the person who bought the phone used someone elses credit card, i turns out the person who bought the phone, set up a paypal account under the name of william bogus, only after i sent the phone i realised, i called the royal mail and it was not able to stop the phone being sent. i contacted paypal and told them that either carlblet and this scammer was in it together or this lithuanian hacked his ebay account to ask me a question, what i mean is sharing the ebay user name and password, paypal did not want to know, i called them several times and told them i will take this to watch dog and several times was told we don't care as we have been on there before. i feel disgusted with ebay allowing this to go on and very angered with paypal for not helping me. please be very carefull when useing paypal, in other words, read the small print as this could get you to lose alot of money just like i did. i think that paypal needs to change their procedures or be shut down. please be very very carefull when selling on ebay, i hope this does not happen to you, please see the watchdog website on paypal, very interesing, may even get you to rethink before ever useing paypal. good luck, you'll need it.

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