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I have been with Ebay since the year 2003 and I absolutely love using this company, it is so easy to buy and sell stuff on here and you can always guarantee that what your looking for will be somewhere on here.  I know that anything I search does normally appear on here, theres just so much to choose from. As I said selling is very straight forward all you need to do when you have set up an account is to write a description on item you are selling, then take a few pictures. let people know the starting price and sometimes a reserve or buy it now price.  Then sort out the postage, some people offer free postage obviously to attract more interest just be sure not to make  a loss.  Then list your item and then let Ebay do its thing.  Most items are listed for 7 days and if it doesn't sell they normally offer a free relisting which is brilliant. Once you have bought or sold something you go to check and pay normally by paypal as its much safer that way, the money goes into an account set up for you and watch your balance slowy grow.  A great way to have a little business and make yourself some extra pocket money. So what are you all waiting for, join ebay now and start sellling. 
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