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I recently "won" a car on E=BAY converted to L.P.G. just a small one nothing grand. but something to look out for besides the usual secondhand car items are overpowering air fresheners installed in the car {remove if present before test drive}. Why because you will want to check for the smell of gas fumes, oh yes a powerful air freshener can hide this smell and it could be a very serious problem .Fumes leaking into the passenger space could over a period of time lead to drowsiness just like your portable gas fire at home,not good if you take into account the amount of ventilation required for those things,I experienced this on the long drive home but being a little bit mechanical minded was able to trace the cause to a leaking tailgate seal {just needed the locking mechanism tightening up} fortunately for me,but others might not be so lucky for it to be something so easily fixed.also a misfire occurred which will further exacerbate the problem {more unburnt gas in the mixture}this needed new sparky plugs and leads but no other probs as yet {touch wood}but overall I am quite happy with the car especially when visiting the fuel pump {not many queues for LPG}and so much cheaper but I suspect the smell of gas might have had a slight effect on the reason for the sale but that's only a thought.Perhaps there should be legislation {yep even more}brought in by the government to check for gas fumes before a LPG car is put up for sale as it could potentially be fatal
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