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I am a BzzAgent and as part of my role in the current ebay guide project I would like to share one of my valuable experiences on what I think and value as the best cleanser in the luxury skincare market.

I  found through my own use and experience as well as my friends' ones, that after trying so very many brands I feel that I have found the holy grail of cleansers in luxury skincare market-Eve Lom cleanser with polish cloth, it takes off your makeup like no other cleanser on the market, it is completely safe to use and not harsh on the skin, and no matter how much your face had been through during the whole day or even longer, it just never fails to do a fab job-what a supreme result!!

I honestly can not find anything better than this, anything that could beat this one up!!!

I have tried so many products out there, and even more expensive than Eve Lom cleanser, and some smell fab but I have to use it twice or more, or irritate my skin or simply do not do good enough job so after so many disappointing usages I was at first sceptical but at last relieved that I finally got this beauty issue sorted once and for all.

Seriously, give it a try!!! What do you have to loose at the end of the day ?
eve lom classic cleanser
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eve lom classic cleanser
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