mama,s and papa's ora is dangerous

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i am a registered chilminder and mother of 3 and i have been through a few prams. i bought the ora because it folded flat and was lite to carry. the shoulder straps are not attached to the back of the pushchair so the child can sit up at any point even when the pushchair is reclined.

everytime you try to go up stairs the brake goes on as it sticks out quite far and the wheels are so small.

when walking along the road a 15mth old child i had in the pushchair was sitting up right and as i went down a kerb the child when flying forward so far i thought she was going to fall out and this happened all the time. older children are able to hold themselves up right better as i had no prob with a 22mth old.

 why buy a pushchair that is no good to you until the child is nearly old enought to walk.

i could nnot sell this pushchair on because i felt guilt not telling people about the dangers of putting a small child in the buggy and once you've told them they don't want to buy it so all i could do was complain to mams and papas and lose some money.x

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