mamas and papas are one of the best!!!!

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mamas and papas are one of the best retailers ive ever delt with!

ive read a few review on ebay that say otherwise but this must be down to the odd shop!

my son is now only 17 months and ive had 6 different ultimas( retro sport,cityscape,boston check,urbano,and at present vertical!)

some of these ive got off ebay second hand and even them mamas and papas will send them off to be checked for free(if under 2 years old fabrics!)

ive also had 3 freestlyers (boston check,falmiga,cityscape)

these have now been discontinued with the disblief of the staff at mamas and papas as these sold very weel from stores!

as withthe squek from zikos this can be fixed by oiling the wheels!!! i have had every one(suitable for a boy to date! and ive not had any problems with them at all)

the only buggy i didnt like from mamas and papas was the skoot i got this when my son was just 2 months old and it was rubbish when used in pramette mode i couldnt steer it nor could i lift it up the kurb as the lttle whels where at the back and wouldnt take the weight of the buggy!!!

the best by far has to be the pliko and i should know as ive now had 5 different 06-07 versions these are great if you have an older sibling as they can rest on the step on the back of the buggy!!

all by far i love mamas and papas there after sales is great they are always very helpfull (ipswich store)

they send the parts/buggys away for replacemnt/repair straight away i really have never had any problems with them and there buggys are like a dream to push and there designs are fantastic!!!!!!

well done mamas and papas


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