mamas and papas ecko 3 - 3 wheeler

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I just wanted to put the record straight! Alot of people complain that you can't fit this pram into a small car. I have a 206 and was able to fit my folded 3 wheeler and husbands full golf bag into my boot on Saturday with no probs. My little un is nearly a year now and I've never had to take the wheels off to fit it into the 206 boot or my husbands Honda Jazz.

The only thing I have had to remove is the removable boot cover thingy from the boot (can't think of the proper name).

I do alot of walking with my pram and its really smooth and very easy to steer and that's just about the town, I don't do much mountain climbing but when I have taken the Ecko off the road I haven't got stuck in any mud.

I've had to purchase a mamas and papas Ziko buggy for my childminder so we have a pram at each house and although the Ziko is very attractive you can't half notice a difference when pushing the Ziko. You literally feel every single bump and stone on the ground.

I also purchased the matching car seat for the Ecko. It has done its job very well and although I've now purchased a forward facing car seat we still use the Ecko car seat in my husbands car. My son still fits comfortably in the seat even though he's 11 and half months old and tall enough for his age.

The one and only downside is that the basket doesn't hold much but I just purchased some shopping hooks and attached to the steering bar for a quick and cheap solution.

If you purchase the Ecko I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

Happy driving! :-)

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