mamas and papas ora push chair.

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firstly, who the hell is that 'stupid' lady who was really going to town on how fab this death trap of a push chair is?

who does she think she is calling other mothers stupid?

she must be having an affair with the mamas and papas director or something.

 not nice is it? to be spoken rudely about.

i agree with all the negative comments and reviews about this push chair.

its very unsafe.

my child fell out too, on several ocassions, and even bust her lip. i literally had to grab her by the nappy to prevent her from smashing her head off the floor.

the back does not rise up far enough, which causes her to slouch when she is relaxing, you cant expect her to sit up staright all the time.

if she ever falls back into the chair, she always whacks her head off the sharp corners at the bottom of the detatchable hood.

now, for £130, i expect it to be a bit safer and more practicle.

i have recently seen that argos are now offering special package deals on it, i wander why?

i love all their other products, and do agree that it is a very stylish push chair, and incredibly easy to push.

but i really do feel that this pushchair should be discontinued, or at least redesigned.

and for the record, to that silly lady, i have done everything properly and followed all 'instructions!!!! if  you need detailed instuctions on how to use a push chair!!!!

thats like someone explaining how to use a shopping trolley!!!!


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