mamas & papas 03 series 3 wheeler all terrain

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Firstly do not buy this pushchair if your looking for; a) a lightweight buggy, b) something compact that will fit in the boot of a small car (corsa, mini, cinquicento, etc) or c) something to nip in and out of the shops with as this buggy is the baby transport equivalent of a range rover!! (Also - not much room in the basket - enough for an average sized handbag (not Mummy sized handbag) or a small changing bag.

However, to use to range rover analogy, it is a very durable, hard working, comfortable and practical buggy.  I am not a 'typical' 3-wheeler officionado - I prefer something smaller, lightweight, compact - like a quinny buzz for example.  Unfortunately the quinny buzz comes unstuck on a higher than average kerbstone let alone the deep stone steps that make up the 80ft slope that is at the front of our house!  I would recommend the mamas and papas 03 series to anyone that is serious about hillwalking, takes walks everyday or has a decent jaunt to school and back.  I'ts easy to push because of the air tyres, it can be put up and down one handed (even by my husband!!) and fits in the boot of my average saloon. It's also fabulous for barging rude people out of the way when out shopping - but that's another story. 


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