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BEWARE anyone buying items from manorfurniture, or indeed any of the other names they are operating under on EBay, including Wessex Teak and PTC Imports. These guys give a bad name to Ebay and effectively will take your money and run. We bought a furniture set for £510 including delivery and promised for immediate delivery. Arranging delivery was a nightmare, communicating with them even more fraught, and when they finally did manage to deliver it was out of the blue and a miracle we were in to receive it. We were hardly surprised then, when the furniture was damaged and incomplete and were rudely told we could either take it or leave it, that it was the last set they had in the warehouse (so effectively they had sold an item on Ebay that they did not even have in stock!!!!) and told that because we were buying off EBay we should not be surprised to receive poor service!!!

Manorfurniture, or whatever they are calling themselves this week, took our money for an item they did not have, which surely is a breach of Ebay regulations as well as the Sale of Goods Act.

We also suspect they are operating several different companies from the same  premises, it is just a shame (for them) that their "Receptionist" does not seem aware of who she works for, and what their operating name is that week. Perhaps she is someone's partner....? We spoke 3 times to a raher unpleasant gentleman called Ian, but, when we called back on the same number immediately, were told that they had no one working for them by the name of Ian, who then managed to come to the phone a few minutes later.

We are now seeking  a full refund via PayPal and are in talks with Trading Standards and Essex Police. Check out other reviews on Ebay for Wessex Teak as they are the same company and have pages and pages of negative reviews.

Deal with them extremely cautiously, and in my opinion not at all.

Update 23/08/2008, issued them with notification that we will pursue a refund through Trading Standards and Consumer Direct, Consumer Direct told us exactly what to write in a letter to try and get a refund, and lo and behold we have now received a full refund. I would recommend this route to anyone having difficulty obtaining a refund from these people (www dot consumerdirect dot gov dot uk)


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