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About 4 years ago I sold a scanner to this person for about £60( cant exactly remember) I was fairly new to Ebay and thought that everyone(like myself) was honest. He paid with a cheque, and instead of me waiting for it to clear, I told him that I had received it and I was sending the item that day, which I did. I just returned from the post office to find an enail from someone else who had had the same sort of dealing with this person. They said "I see you have been dealing with mary-best-buyer, well make sure you dont send the goods until the cheque has cleared as I have and various other people have said the same, and not got any money" I immediately checked my bank account to find, just as I expected that he had stopped the cheque. He obviously did this because I told him I was posting it. When I tried to contact Ebay, they were less than helpful, in fact no help at all. mary_bestbuyer then left me neg. feedback saying that I had taken his money and not sent the goods. I was so frustrated. I then rang the police to report it, who said they would go to his house to investigate. When I told them his address was Skelmersdale, they said"why am I not surprised" I kept hounding him, but he would not admit that he had received the scanner, and he immediately changed his user name. Ebay did nothing!!!!


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