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Oh how i wish i had read the reviews on the seller before i decided to purchase my massage table from massage royal.!!!!!!!!!!!

I had nothing but trouble with him, not answering his phone not replying to my emails, I must have rang him 20 times without success. Emailed him twice a day for 2 months, as this was how long my table took to turn up.

Please DO NOT purchase anything from this man it really isnt worth the stress.

I eventually contacted trading standards and reported him. They gave me a case number and I ended up threatening him quoting the case number to him. This actually worked and I got a call from him the day I sent the email. It took about 2 weeks after this to get my table. A long two months of hassle.

My advice is if you can get the item you want off someone else then do so, maybe slightly dearer but alot less stress!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steer clear everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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