mazzi1170 Dishonest Buyer

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This is information to warn genuine Ebay members! This Ebayer is very manipulative and argumentative. I regret doing business with her!!

"mazzi1170" won my item but didn't want to pay. She promised me to send a postal order but never sent one. After two weeks,  I had to open an unpaid item case, she pays the next day and left me an impolite email. I posted her item, she received the item and never got back to me.

She left me a neutral feedback saying...."as item wasnt as stated not very happy all buyer are not same"

mazzi1170, you are absolutely right, not all the sellers are the same, you sold a wrong laptop to mngondal and send him with an illegal window, you didn’t describe the fault, he called you Dishonest in the feedback, I don't blame him “This statement shows you up perfectly“!

My item was as stated, she was not very happy because she didn’t want to pay in the first place, she tried her tactics not to pay but that did not work because an unpaid item case was opened against her. She was left without a choice, I understand, she took revenge via feedback.

I have blocked her as a bidder and buyer.  I have to block such a buyer who is dishonest in everyway.

There are a lot of things that are basically wrong with eBay, but for me it's the feedback system that stands out.  It's sometimes very unfair to sellers.

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