metal gear solid 4 Bobarita review

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Hello Bobarita here reviewing the game metal gear solid 4 this has to be the best metal gear solid game so far,the gameplay is absolutly superb,complemented by top-notch graphics (who would expect less from the ps3) this will keep any ps3 owner playing and have them gripped in the intense storyline of the game.


On this game you can quite happily sneak around with a knife,taking down and avoiding squads of enemies OR you can statigically pinpoint areas of cover and take down your enemies with a full-on war.In the game you will take on loads of various different enemies with loads of different weapons and take on tanks,cars and weird (but powerful) machines .The weapons on the game are very advanced and there are tonnes of them every one you can join and customise to your liking.

Online Play

online play is good make your own teams control and keep/defend a building.Huge death matchs,However at the moment theres not a lot of stealth most people are just running around shooting people,so at the moment a lot of people are trying to introduce stealth onto it to make the online gameplay intense.


The price for this game is more than reasonable in the shops £39.99 of course the price varies on ebay.

My verdict

This game is pretty cheap and is worth the buy,it shuld have you entertained for days,believe me you won't want to put down the controller in the campain,the only big downfall is the online play which could (hopefully) improve. 8/10

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