misleading information

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I would like to bring to your attention a little scenario that happend to me the other day.I saw a lip stick advertised for auction on e-bay ,the seller had an ebay store so I had a little look in the store and found I could buy 6 clinique lip sticks for 19.99 plus p/p good bargain as I thought ,these lipsticks were being given to my  family members as part of there birthday gifts.

so I paid for and received 6 lipsticks they came fairly quick and I was pleased untill I opened them and found that 3 of them were actually testers so I e-mailed the seller asking her to send me 3 silver cases and guess what (no can do) as she say's she advertised these 3 lipsticks as having plastic tops (not once did she call them testers) and to me all lipsticks have plastic tops most of them are compleatly plastic.they weren't even colours that I could wear myself .so it turned out to be an expensive buy as they are utterly useless I told the seller this .and I posted the TESTERS back to her this morning.so beware incase your the next mug to purchase them.

talk about read and check the small print



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