mk1 mitsubishi pajero

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i have just bought my 2nd mk1 pajero, my first was a 1988 2.5td manual i bought last year, i bought it because it was a cheap 7 seater, after driving it for a week it really grew on me, we decided to try off roading at the pay and play days at the quarry and for a heavy car it really suprised me where it could go off road, it went anywhere you pointed it, if you go off roading read up about diff breathers as i didn't and my diffs and transfer box filled with water and seized them.
as i said i have just bought my 2nd pajero, this one is the mk1 exceed model with half leather heated seats, air con, ect. this one is a 1990 seven seat auto, this one has the flared wheel arches, wide wheels and side steps, having looked underneath, as with my last one it is solid, no rust. the pajero has factory fitted sump guard and fuel tank guard but the exceed has a guard over the gearbox and transfer box aswell, the only thing that has not is the rear diff.
the seats in both pajero's have setting for off roading, 
these cars are excellent on and off road with loads of modifacations available for off roading, used parts are easy enough to get hold of and fairly easy to change, a must buy if you have a pajero or thinking of getting one is a grease gun, there are around 20 grease nipples underneath on the front suspention, track rod ends and props, if they dry up they will creak and bang, usually on full lock. also there are rubber bushes everywhere on them, on both of mine they have been ok and not needed changing but if they did they all look easy to do.
all in all a brill car, and for the money you cant go wrong...
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