mobil phones

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Its a minefiled out ther.One day all i wonted was a phone that i cood use fore phoneing majer contacts ie doctor councle housing ect but cood i find a simple phone at the right price NO i surched ebay but no luck four what i wonted sum good prices but not what i was looking for.Then at the botum of the page was unlook youre old mobile phone.Whats this i thought so i cliked on the add and there it was a few steps and a little spent and my old phone was unlooked from my old network that i had for quite a few years now i have a choise of networks.Fore us oldis out there triying to compet with tecnolagy thes days is a minefield whats new today has gorn tomorow and trying to keep up with things is a chalenge dont you think.The younger generation well thay no thees things dont thay? ebay is the place to find any thing that you are looking for but dont drag youre hear ouy iff like me not much to find what you are looking fore as some things dont appear in the order that you may think just be patiant and ebay will find what you are looking for thanks
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