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Here we look at what you want from the tyre, for example commute. So you would need a hard wearing tyre, but one that will warm up quickly to offer the correct grip asap. This only comes when the tyre is with in it's operating temperature. Wet weather grip, if you live in the uk this is also a must. So as you can see from this brief example there are a few questions that need to be answered in order to make the correct purchase, as we know tyres can be from £150 upwards. Touring tyres need to be dual compound we feel, harder in the center, softer on the edges for corner grip, but also warm up quickly so getting to there working range, as touring usually means lower speeds. So grip is required at much lower speeds than say a sports bike. People want good ware rates too, so this can be a tough tyre for the manufactures to get right

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Ok so you need tyres for your motorcycle, but what should you get? are they going to be fit for purpose? where can i get the right advise? Well the answer to all these questions and more is to visit us . we have a wide ranging experience of many types of motorcycles and are able to offer advise biased on usage of a wide range of tires and not the manufactures description of a tire. This allows you to make an informed choice on which motorcycle tyre suits your needs.
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