motorcyle security chains, tested to destruction

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Motorcycle security chains tested to destruction, myth or clever marketing?

While looking for a security chain for your motorcycle or other asset that you want to remain where you left it, you may have come across some chain cropping videos. While informative about low quality and smaller diameter chain such as 8mm-10mm-12mm ones it’s important to note that no chain under 12mm is bolt cutter proof as the cutter will crush the chain rather than cut.

The minimum would be a squire 14mm chain, the 13mm protector chain only just managed to get bolt cut at sold secure by a professional and an average Joe would not be able to do this.
For larger chains we have squire, protector and the untouchable, these really are the only one we recommend as the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process is closely controlled.
16mm-19mm are used at home as the majority of bike theft is from there at 80%, now the larger chains do get heavier 4.34kgs per metre on the 16mm and are not meant for portability just full on high security.

While some videos are good and informative others are just a clever marketing ploy as some pit a 16mm chain against a 10mm chain obviously the 10mm is going to lose, we have yet to see a video of someone comparing same diameter link chain suck as all the 16mm ones.

We are aware that sold secure is carrying out more stringent testing over Thatcham so we would rate sold secure gold approval over any Thatcham approved product.

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And what do I lock my chain to? I hear you ask..

The answer would be anything immovable and strong, I know not easy to think of something apart from a nice big steel lamppost or maybe a car. Not to worry that’s what ground anchors are for.

Ground anchors in general are divided up into two main categories, bolt down and built in.

Bolt down ground anchors generally use expandable raw bolts to fix the anchor in place, think of them like metal versions of plastic plugs you would use to fix a shelf to the wall at home. Most use four of these bolts some use two and the odd few use one bolt, we would not recommend using the one bolt ones unless your 100% certain that you fitted the bolt perfectly.

Built in ground anchors are cemented into the ground and are the most secure. Yes it can be more time consuming and careful consideration must be taken on the positioning of these, we recommend moving the bike to the are to see if the area is ok to fit the chain into the anchor and probably more important that t=you can get the bike out easily. Why do I say probably? Well any security device must be strong and easy to use, if it’s not easy to use most of us will use it a few times then it becomes a chore and we don’t use it any more BIG MISTAKE!

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