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when buying a vehicle, H.P.I. does not cover everything,  to my cost...i had bought a "ringer". all the plates had been changed, but the engine number had not been cleared properly....i thought something was wrong, when spare parts i had bought would not fit,but parts for an older model before i contacted the seller i called the police, and after doing thier checks" impounded "the vehicle there and then.  they informed me, that if i had been pulled-up or been involved in an accident, ...i  could have been arrested for being "in possesion of a stolen vehicle". the previous two sellers had ..had the vehicle H.P.I'd. so take or get someone who really knows about the vehicle you intend to buy..

REMEMBER!!!!!!  H.P.I. is no guarantee!!!   so far i have lost £8,500.00.

so!    BEWARE.



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