motorhome caravan cookers

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i have just bought a 1995 swift royal to find that 1 of the gass burners would not stop on so thats the thermacoupling the small thing thats beside the g ass burner a saftey device if your gass bloes out the gass shuts off  the gooker in mm van is the same its  a vannett i tried 4 caravan places to get the right size but couldent so i had to buy a universal one and drill the hole in the cooker a bit bigger for it to go through the hole and its working ok what iwass told that vannett do not trade now soyou cannot get the same one thats in i was in shock at the thought of drilling the cooker but it wasent hard theirs only a little bit to come off and my caravan is a 2000 modle this is the quickest way price about 8.50 to 10 pounds for the kit
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