mp4,mp3 for christmas

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mp4--mp3--like ipod(but not ipod)

hi,i know that thousands of people are buying these kind of players from hong kong,china etc... .

i know they look very good because i have one mine is a 4gb.i am the kind of person that likes to have things set up and this is the case i did this right away. ie: loading music and video onto the devise right away after the recomended charge time..bear in mind that it is meant to last for upto 10 hours after charge. mine lasts for about ten minutes!!!!!!!. i cant say that they are all this way but ,this is why you need to test them first.

i think that most people buying these are parents for thier children at christmas, and what a great gift they would be.

but i expect that parents are just putting them away until that time--not knowing enough about them.just a bit of advise.take the item out of the box and charge for 2 hours--2 1/2  hours and just see how long it lasts for...

also i was going to buy lots of these as presents,i was aranging to buy these of a member with over 9000 feedback,he was still communicating with me right up until the last minute of a money order of over £500. then bang ,he was no longer a registered user!!!!!.

this is just my experience ---but i would say check the battery!!!!!!!!. otherwise your child may be upset....on christmas day,and we dont want that. (please check the other guides as well). thnx mick

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