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muse merch

hello there! as you may know, muse are growing slowly in popularity around the globe. this means that muse stuff is becoming more and more sought after. The most sought after muse merch are eps. There are 2 eps dating from 1999, the first being the more sought after one. It features Doms scanned face on the front. I last saw  this on ebay go for £500. The second one which artwork features a fork stuck in an icecube sells for about £80-£100. There are only 999 copies of each ep, so everytime there is one on ebay the price seems to rise. There are also ep vinyls and casettes out there, but these are extremley rare. I saw a hand painted by the band demo casette on ebay go for more than £500.

Suprisingly, signed merch does'nt cost you much. I expect prices to rise in the coming years though! A muse single signed by matt Dom and Chris may only cost around £70.

Overall, cd singles seem to be the most popular muse merch on ebay. I guess this is because many fans collect them for the B-sides. The first single 'uno' is a good one to buy. You can buy single boxsets that were available in France, one for each album.



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