music legend trump cards

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the biggest trumps game on the planet features the major artists in the world of music and many cult artists as well.

over 60 packs have been available to play,around 30 have now been deleted but several more will soon be available.

the game is played by 2 people or more who are dealt the cards facedown and one nominated person goes first and selects a catagory with the best figures to try and beat the other players with and win the hand.

the winner gets to choose the next catagory and the game continues until 1 person wins all the cards.

a pack can be played on its own or with as many packs as needed for longer games.

most people collect them as memorabilia of their favourite artist and the cards give accurate statistics to the albums performance in the uk charts only.

catagories are;

year released-when the album first appeared on the charts.

chart position-highest chart position achieved.

weeks on chart-total amount of weeks on chart includes re-entry and re-issues.

listed tracks-original tracks list only,additional cds,extended remixes,continental variations,bonus tracks are not included.          

hit singles-the amount of hit singles released from the album,these have to chart in the uk to be considered.   

featured artists

ac/dc-marc almond/soft cell-the beatles-bee gees-the beach boys-david bowie-black sabbath-'britpop' oasis v blur-eric clapton-alice cooper-elvis costello-the cure-depeche mode-bob dylan-bryan ferry/roxy music-genesis-guns n' roses v metallica-hawkwind-hip hop heroes-iron maiden-michael jackson-jethro tull-elton john-kiss-led zepplin-madonna-bob marley-paul mcCartney-new model army-gary numan/tubeway army-ozric tentacles-pink floyd-prince-elvis presley-punk rock 77-82-queen/freddie mercury-r.e.m-cliff richard-the rolling stones-the smiths/morrissey-rod stewart-the stranglers-bruce springsteen-status quo-sting/the police-ub40-u2-paul weller/the jam/the style council-the who.

pack size is 28 cards although earlier packs were 36 and 48 cards.

new packs appear only for a short time and are all limited edition.


additionally for sports fans, footie legends trump cards are also listed.

catagories-world cup appearances,world cup goals,international caps and international goals,top 100.

national teams feature selected world cup winners,top scorers and most capped players.

england  '66 team'-france 'les bless'-argentina 'le albicelestie'-italy 'forza azzurri'-germany 'nationalmannschaft'-netherlands 'dutch orange'-brazil legends 'brasillia selecdo'-brazil legends 2 .

also included are club sides real madrid 'the galacticos' and leeds utd 'the collection' of a colossal nine packs are leeds utd players throughout the ages.


further sport theme packs will appear throughout 2010 includes heavyweight champions.golfers and snooker stars.


miscellaneous packs

resident evil.......................4 packs totalling 112 characters/monsters from the popular computer game from resi 1 to resi 5.

the third reich.............28 of the most feared operators of the third reich.

most wanted...................28 of the worlds most wanted terrorists.

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