muzz30archie and their Surfanic Roller Bag

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I'm writing this because I think good selling should be shared. I bought muzz30archie's Surfanic 93lt bag. It's easy to buy badly on ebay but as this really tuned-out to be one of those "brill' barg's" and muzz had been so kind, I wanted to reward their hard work. I sort of whimpishly hoped my new purchase would arrive in time for my trip. I requested a fast dispatch but, really, why should anyone put themselves out more than the acceptable? ...but they did - I bid and paid for in one, and there weren't three days before it arrived and when it did, sad as I am, I dug into it like it was Christmas - to be fair, I'm leaving for five months and I'll be practically living out of the bag between teaching sailing, living half aboard a yacht and storing my belongings ashore. So, you have to understand that this bag really fits my demands, in terms of really needing a lightweight wardrobe. If I were to sell such a bargain, I'd've taken photos of EVERYTHING this bag has. ....but I can see why they haven't - the amount of pockets it has is really, well it's just ace. Even at it's standard price (according to my research, over double what muzz charge), I think this is well underpriced but they don't just keep the price down; the weight of it really betrays its contents. Surfanic have tucked a little zip in - wherever they have found a nook and where they've used mesh to divide clothing, they've twin-skinned the mesh to double it up. I'm a gaget-girl - comes with the territory - but I won't count the pockets - don't make me. Just do yourself a favour and get this bag if you're going away. ....only, get the black one because I don't want too much confusion at luggage collection.



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