my fake baby

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Hi, one of the #1 sellers on ebay here anyway i am not here to boast but to tell  you about what happens through the process of making a  reborn baby.

                                                           recently on channel 4 in u.k there was a programme on called 'my fake baby' and i think that half the  time people watch these things on tv and say " well, whats the fuss about?there just dolls" but there not some women that can't have children buy these reborn baby's and for people to call them dolls in front of a person who has one is just spiteful and nasty.

                                                           for anyone buying for there children under 12 yrs old DO NOT get them a reborn since reborns have to be treated as real baby's. it says on listings that not suitable for children under a certain age but part reborns is for any child.


                                                                             i know i haven't said much in this guide my computer goes off every ten minutes for updates but please i have researched for ages on this and if you could vote this or my other guide then that would be most appriciated.

                                                  thanks for reading and please vote me . xxx

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