my resident evil 5 review

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resident evil 5 review
after testing both 360 and ps3 versions this is wat i think

The Comparison:0ne of the most noticeble diffrences is that chris feels heavier on the xbox360 than on the ps3 to move around only the people playing it themselves can decide really if its better that way or not personally i think its more realistic as chris is noticeably big muscled so it would make sense that chris feels a bit heavy to move control wise ps3 wipes the floor with 360 here for example on the 360 if want to get in my inventory it takes about 2 seconds longer to respond than on ps3 to open the menu yes it may be only 2 seconds but seeing as the game doesnt pause when you open your inventory those 2 seconds could easily get you killed now online is a tricky question 360 doesnt seem to have lag on co-op on ps3 it does but its extremly rare and only lasts a second the only lag you may find though is your partner teleports forward a little thats it really also 360 you should always instantly get a match when you search for one on ps3 will take 360 about 3-4 searches the reason its a tricky question is resident evil fans around the world have been dying for a decent online experience and they get one here but would you prefer to pay for a gold xbox live to play online or play it online for free with the psn on ps3 thats really down to peoples preference
all the above are just small little details there is no major diffrence between the 2 consoles whatsoever

Overall Game Rating

Gameplay 9/10
Storyline 7/10
Sound 8/10
length 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Online 7/10

Average Rating 8/10

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