my world my candles!!!

Like if this guide is helpful

these you may recognise as votive candles - but these are the votives that i make and sell on ebay!!! I also make several other shapes and styles of candles.

when i make the candles I use very good quality parraffin wax , to which i add stearin a chemical that enhances the opaqueness of the wax and improves burning quality , thus making the candles smoke less and burn longer

I pour my candles in 3 stages so to avoid a large dip on the surface which prevents the candle from burning well!!!!

I theme my fragrances and colours with the seasons so spring / summer its all flowers , fruit, and fresh smells and autumn / winter i do all the spicey warm scents and of course halloween and christmas is a sort of candle heaven to me!!!! I love working in all the deep reds , greens and white with scents such as sparkling snowflakes and christmas eve!!! Mny people have already seen on ebay and purchased my fantastic snowball candles. These were a huge seller for me in 2006 and hope that they will be as popular in 2007 !!!

However all this moving with the seasons does make my year pass very quickly - I design and make my halloween candles in july then straight into Christmas candles in August!!!!!

On a serious note this is not an obsession - its my way of helping to keep my depression under control and it works!I get a huge pleasure from making candles and  even greater pleasure knowing that i have brought pleasure to other people through my candles. 



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