nail polish for beingners

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pink polish with opal top coat
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pink polish with opal top coat


A nail artist is not 

going to get very far 

without nail polish: 

it is the most basic and most essential 

item required. 

Buyers need to purchase nail polish that is of 

good quality. This does not automatically 

mean that buyers must purchase the most 

expensive nail polish on the market. A top 

coat is an advisable purchase, as it provides a 

protective covering for the nail art.

Nail Polish

For the best results, buyers should choose 

nail polish with a smooth, but fairly thick 

consistency. For beginners, it is beneficial to 

buy quick-drying polish that is not prone to 

clumping. It is recommended that buyers 

purchase a small number of different colours

 of nail polish to begin with, including black 

and white; classic colours, such as red; and 

bright colours, like blue, yellow, and green. 

Buyers can also consider purchasing a glitter 

nail polish and any other types that fit their 

personal style.

Top Coat

A top coatis a clear liquid polish used over 

the coloured polish. Many top coats also 

produce an attractive shine. Buyers should 

consider buying a high quality top coat, 

rather than a less expensive alternative. A 

good quality top coat forms a thick protective

 layer, and when applied properly, does not 

smudge or smear the artwork beneath. A 

good quality top coat also dries much quicker

 than poor quality products that can stay 

sticky for an hour or more. A top coat can 

increase the longevity of the nail art, with 

some products being effective for a week or 

more, even when the wearer performs 

regular housework tasks, including washing 


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