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I have recently been given negative feedback from an ebayer whom I won an auction for a mobile phone on a buy it now. and paid via pay pal

After about a week the phone did not arrive so i emailed the ebayer and asked what was going on.He said at first he was out of stock.

After anioher week he said he had been broken into and was waiting for an insurance claim.Of course by now my patience was diminishing so I applied for a claim item not recieved through paypal .which took another two weeks but i got my money back.

Yes now everything is fine,BUT NO this guy then gives me negative feedback as a bad payer so I report him to ebay.Now they know i have had a refund through paypal but wont remove this negative (wrong).

Not only does this guy get another ebay account and bids on one of my items, wins it,does not pay and negs me again as items broken and yes I have not been paid and I have not sent the item

Again report to ebay and they still wont do anything.

And just to rub the mud in no fees back or anything 

of course now we will neg this guy ,well heres a new one I wrote a very bad negative and pressed send

and the screen defaulted to posative with an automatic response WOW

It didnt stop here that morning as yiu do I opened my email and there is one not through ebay ha ha you d--k h--d you gave me positive

I am so fed up i have not used ebay since 


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