new ebay feedback for buyers and sellers shocking it is

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has of recently ebay as changed they feedback for buyers and sellers. after reading how they have changed it now the buyer can purchase an item or win an auction and dont bother paying the seller now the seller cant leave and feedback and yet the buyer can how unfair that is simply due to a buyer can be a nasty person i dare say we have all had them and are neg feedback freaks and think nothing of leaving it. so now as the seller cant leave it to warn other sellers about them so now its a buyers dream again totally unfair as i think its all for the buyer and the seller has no rights whats so ever and yet its the sellers who keep them in buisness and not the buyers because if it was not for the seller there would be no buyers. so ebay has totally messed up here and they will lose alot of buisness simply by some idiot who thinks its the way forward but we all know this will cause alot of problems where the seller now has to be very carefull and may even get a neg for the simplest thing knowing buyers as we do so i guess its like that shite paypal all for the buyer and no rights for the seller and after all shite house paypal is part of ebay so i guess this company has no idea of running a buisness thats why they get taken to court and even watchdog aswell so i thought its best to warn the seller so i hope this helps and just be carefull what you do now shocking it is and very unpleasent thinking that someone can mess you about and nothing is done about great idea ebay what a total balls up.    
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