new ebay search, RUBBISH !!!

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As an experienced buyer and seller i am pulling my hair out with the new design, it used to be so fast to search for what you wanted, just a few clicks on the left hand boxes, distance, used etc , and my most popular search was buy it now which were newly listed to try and get the bargains before everybody else, but i cant work out how to do it at all now, whats happened to the easy tabs at the top, auction, b.i.n and classified im going to give e bay a rest now as i think its far to complicated for what you need, and as someone who averages £100+ in ebay fees every month they had better hope more people dont feel the same.

if you do feel the same then please sign the petition on the e bay discution forums
there are currently 100 people who have signed it, if it gets to 1000s they may think about doing something.

hope this has been of help
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