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i can say ive experienced the same scam. i listed a mobile phone which was quite a new make and in shops is very expensive. i put the mobile on for 3 days and on the last day had a lady from nigeria bid £1130 on the phone which we knew was a bit iffy. after the bidding finished i contacted her several times about payment and did not get any contact back from her at all. i also had another nigerian lady telling me she would buy the phone for whatever cost and could i ship it to her first........i thought this sounded weird so i went to the post office to get a shipping number(my partner is a postman) ......but not a real number shipping number, i gave it to this lady and then she started to ask me for my bank details. i told her to pay by cheque so she refused. and then i was given a lot of abuse. it seems like these people are contacting sellers and telling them they need the items shipped first then payment will be credited and that its not for them its always for a member of their family. be very careful guys........ !!!!
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