nigeria paypal ebay scams

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great write up i just read about this topic but a quick way to know whether or not the emails of paypal are legitimate are in your inbox list, 
 it will always appear to have like a green shield with a tick or something in it, all scam emails i have had from paypal have never had these only genuine ones but really folks you cannot miss them i mean come on if your not English or you dont speak great English and your gonna try and scam some one in the uk  at least learn the bloody English language it is appalling and the spelling is like mine when i was at nursery lol,  so trust me when i say you will know because you will and when you do you will think back to this warning and have a funny old titter lol thats just about it so id just like to say  be good and be safe but most of all be fair thanks for reading...
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