nigerian scam 18ct gold ring

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Hi I made my second sale on ebay this week I was so happy as i had a 18ct gold diamond row eternity ring that i had up for sale it didnt sell first time i had one person watching it & decided to re auction it so did this straight away.checked my emails the next day & found out that I had sold it for the buy now price of £300 I was very happy & couldnt belive it.So checked my pay pal account to see if payment had cleared it hadnt so I contacted the buyer & said i would not send the ring till payment had cleared in my account.the buyer had a uk address but had 0 feed back & asked that i send the ring to nigeria for his daughters birthday which rang a few alarm bells.I recieved a email from ebay saying i had to ship out the goods straight away or i was breaking my ebay aggreement this worried me. I then got another two emails from ebay that said it was clear to send goods all i had to do is contact the buyer & ebay with a tracking number then payment would be sent to my pay pal account.So i went to the post office yesterday & sent the ring went home & sent the tracking number to buyer & ebay.But felt like something was still wrong so decided to phone pay pal to see if payment had gone in to my account & was very shocked & upset when i spoke to the operator who said ebay & pay pal dont ask for tracking numbers you should wait for payment to clear in pay pal acount before sending goods.He then told me the emails i had recieved were all scams & i needed to stop the parcal being delivered. I went straight back to the post office & the parcal was still there i was so relived so got my parcal back.I was very upset & felt very stuipid my ring was given to me by my nan who died a while ago but said to me sell the ring if you ever need the money in getting married in 6weeks & the money was going towards that.ebay should give out better information for new ebayers so more people are aware of theses scams & always make sure payment cleares in your paypal account before sending goods.if something seems to good to be true it probley is.Im going to make sure i only send to uk address only now.

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