nigerian scammers

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o not deal with this person he is a nigerian scammer and as other have already stated that nigerian scammers have targetted ebay users . they dont pay you untill you send te item with the shipping numbers and then protend they have overpayed you and stop the paypal payments

i got conned for a video camera.. did everyting by the book and responded to all the emails and gave all the right information

paypal never recieved any payment and the guy even wanted me to send him a so called overpayment of £100.00  

the_bugryn_kid   watch out for him i have reported this to ebay with no help and paypal adviced me to contact my local police

they informed me because the crime was comiited outside the uk and from nigreia there was nothing they could do for me

i,m now trying to claim from the royal mail .lucky for me i took some insurance out

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